An advice for better first business steps

An advice for better first business steps

If you are a first-time business owner and want to make the most of it, you might feel a bit anxious about the vast number of possibilities in front of you and the great deal of things you might do wrong, but have no worry. A very good friend of mine, an expert in business market strategies once told me that the business is 50-50 chance – either you succeed or you don’t. All you need to do to succeed is follow some of the basic guidelines to maintain a healthy perspective on your business growth.

Focusing on the single goal

SpyArguably the first thing you will need to do before you even start thinking about the logistics of your business is set up a goal and stick to it. Having a set goal is extremely important since it will give you an anchor to where you want to go and you will be able to make decisions based on the path you chose. Sticking to that is an equally important part of the philosophy since goal means nothing if you abandon it.

Know your business

Another big mistake people tend to make is getting involved with things they are either not passionate about, or they have no idea about. Both are equally deadly to the business. Doing what you love might seem a bit romantic and counter economic, but it is good if you care and think about your business from a place that is fueled by passion and love for it. Having knowledge and passion for your business will easily give you an edge over the competition and launch you to the stars.



presentation2Whatever you do, whatever your position to other business companies is – one time or another you will need to make contacts and work with other people. That is why knowing your company and representing in a quick and concise manner is imperative. Making a business partner out of the CEO you met in the elevator, explaining your business to the interested investor you accidentally met on the vacation or asking a loan at the bank can be the best thing to happen to you. Be prepared. Be ready!

Be aware of your strengths…

Disability_VMI…and your disabilities. Know your business and know yourself. You need to have a perfect understanding of what you are capable of doing and what you will need some help with. Choosing partners at the right moment in time can save your company a lot of hard work, money or time – and all of those things are precious when it comes to the economy. This principle will stop you from making rash decisions that might harm your company status or reputation. And those are paramount!

Starting a new business is hard and stressful as it is and these advice might seem overly obvious, but it is the reason they are easy to forget and overlook, so always keep them in mind. Heck, print them, laminate them and put them above your desk if necessary!

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Professional advice for the young entrepreneurs

Professional advice for the young entrepreneurs

bigstock-young-businessman-has-an-idea-42906571-583x380Every beginning is hard, say the old folks, and the same holds when it comes to business. Holding a business and making it successful and steady over time is extremely hard, with countless traps and obstacles on the way. And the hardest thing is the start. Most companies that go under do so in the very early life of the company, and it can be said that surviving the first year in the business is the crucial time for any such adventure.

So, how can the words of the experienced and successful individuals help your business? Well, if you listen closely, they might give you all the insight you need.

Be efficient

Starting up a business might seem like an opportunity to show yourself as a successful and important man in your community or surroundings, getting a big office or a nice office building with a lot of fancy furniture and an assistant – but stay away from such temptations. In the beginning, you are not successful; you are working towards it! So stay humble and make the most you can watching your money flow and being careful you don’t spend too much on what is not necessary. Being down to earth at the beginning will make you a better businessman, and you will get a chance to have all the fancy offices once you make it.


It is easy to imagine how you could make a lot of money if you could start the way you like it with a lot of money. But, if your sources are limited, as they usually are, you will need time to get to the point where you can develop your business. And if that is the case, this needs to be your goal and not the setting point. You will need to understand that lack of finance is not a present time nuance and that it won’t go away. Getting funds and capital for investment is an important part of any business plan so make sure that your plan doesn’t include steps like: “get money somehow and then start a company”. The “getting the money” part will be the first phase of your business project and there is no way around it. This might cause you to rethink the plans for future and scale down some ideas, but it will also keep you real.



1296131-27915488-1600-900Even as you are reading this text, understand that it is not a textbook on how to be successful – it’s an advice that you should test on your business and see if it works. There is no golden path or a rule-book you need to complete to thrive. The truth is – business is much more like cat-fishing in muddy waters – there is a lot of patience, tactic but also luck and improvisations. Adapting to the natural order of things at the moment and making the most of them will be crucial, so listen closely, but always be ready to apply the knowledge in your unique way.

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